The Story so Far
Magic, Adventure and Back Taxes
Lord Percy sent out letters to friends and mercenaries to request their assistance with the crumbling state of his Barony. One such problem was the wizard Bargle the Denounced, wanted for murder, associating with evil creatures, terrorizing the barony, and failure to pay taxes. Five adventurers were summoned to the small town of Threshold where they met with Magistrate Mudd and recieved their instructions. Setting out immediately for the ruins of Castle Mistamere, the party was attacked outside the main gates by a Carrion Crawler. After a harrowing battle, they defeated the creature and recovered a brass key. During their initial battle, the gates to the walls surrounding the ruins suddenly closed. Spotting a band of Kobolds hiding inside the courtyard, the adventurers entered through a gap in the stonework. Alucar the Dragonborn Warlord charged into the fray, scaring one of the Kobolds into an immediate retreat. The others attacked with slings and javelins, lead by a Kobold wearing small Plate Armor. Eventually the party defeated the creatures, and the warlock Subee departed with a sudden bout of indigestion. A new arrival, Anthea the Druid appeared and helped follow a a note which led them all to discover a hidden chest with black onyx gem. Following the runaway Kobold into the keep, they lit a sunrod and followed tracks to the left. Sounds from a creature in the fireplace led the Wizard Nymbl to magical ignite a fire, awakening and angering a large Shadowbat in the chimney. The creature has been swooping down on the party and perching on the ceiling to avoid their attacks. Bloodied now, it has retreated to another room to the West.

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